yawaramin 186 days ago [-]
Great post, beautiful site (and fast!). One passage caught my eye:

> Deployments are not zero-downtime at this point and I’m planning to switch to an AB-style deployment model once the site has enough traffic to warrant it

Do you mean blue-green deployment ( https://docs.cloudfoundry.org/devguide/deploy-apps/blue-gree... )? In any case note that you can do that even with just a single compute–just run both instances of the app in the same compute, on different ports–say, 3000 and 3001–and use a reverse proxy like Nginx to load-balance incoming HTTP traffic between them. Then you get blue-green deployment almost for free.

dragonsh 186 days ago [-]
I like it, traditional html/css generated on server side with sprinkling of JS for interactivity.

It's similar to rails and Django model but in racket (a dialect of lisp based on scheme branch of lisp family).

This is a very good example for learning racket lang if the sourcecode is open for some parts.

I am sure some member of racket community will bring up library specially designed to address e-commerce as it is in Ruby and Python eco-system.

Hopefully it can be like what Paul, the founder of YC said in his blog post "beating the averages. [1]

"In Lisp, there are programs called macros. They are programs that write programs."

[1] http://www.paulgraham.com/avg.html

sevengraff 186 days ago [-]
Really nice write up and frank about the shortcomings without being negative about it. Thanks for sharing this.
bjz_ 186 days ago [-]
> The low runtime error rate is due to the amount of stuff that Racket manages to catch at compile time compared to other dynamic languages and to some fairly extensive automated testing.

Interested to know if typed racket was used for this, and if so, what the experience was like!

pavpanchekha 186 days ago [-]
If you're interested in Typed Racket, you might be interested in my experience: http://pavpanchekha.com/blog/typed-racket-1.html

I'm a fairly experienced Racket developer (6 years) but it was my first time trying Typed Racket. I ended up not keeping the part of my code that I typed.

zitterbewegung 186 days ago [-]
Cool great post! Nice to hear of you again (I used to be r2q2 on #scheme from freenode !
seisvelas 186 days ago [-]
Awesome! I've used Racket for web development myself, wonderful experience. Glad you're having fun, good luck with your business.
ktaylor 185 days ago [-]
Racket is a great language that needs more recognition. Thanks for posting your experiences.